cat’s eyes

Cats and dogs are loved by so many people – these pets for a long time have been the real friends for their owners. During this friendship many myths, legends, beliefs and superstitions appeared. For example, a black cat which crosses your way makes many people immediately change their route. Also, people have a popular saying that you cannot look into the cat’s eyes. But why, it does not say; so let’s understand the roots of this superstition.

Why you shouldn’t look into the cat’s eyes: the mystery

Since ancient times in almost all nations of the world there was a belief that cats assist witches, wizards and healers because they were supposed to have a special relationships with other worlds. Ancient people believed that the Netherworld is reflected in large and mysterious cat’s eyes and if to looking in them for a long time can bring disaster upon oneself. This is the mystical answer to the question why you shouldn’t look into the cat’s eyes.

Why you shouldn’t look into the cat’s eyes: the answer

In fact you may look into the cat’s eyes, just not for long time. And there is no mystery in an answer to the question why you shouldn’t look in their eyes; there are only scientific facts. All the cats are animals. And if you’ve watched the documentaries about the wild nature you probably know that animals in most cases perceive a long straight look into the eyes as aggression. Without taking into account the fact that the domestic cats are not aggressive they still can sometimes feel uneasy before a direct long look. Therefore it is better to look at the cat as if you accidentally glance at it; then it definitely will not be angry.

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