Cat Scottish Fold

The character of Scottish Fold cats

Scottish Fold is a cat breed with incredible ears curved forward and a wonderful character. These cats quickly adapt to new environment and new people, they are loyal and affectionate pets for the whole family. But usually the strongest relationships they establish with one of the family members. For days can they walk close to him from room to room demanding attention.

Without perceiving this too serious, Scottish Folds are not that intrusive and not too demanding. They like to be close to master but not on arms or knees. This breed feels well with other animals in the house and comfortable even in the room full of children.

Thanks to the good character Scottish Fold cats don’t cause any problems. This breed is not hyperactive, so you do not have to worry whether your cat climbs the curtains or breaks a vase exploring the cupboard or dresser. However Scottish Folds, especially kittens, love to play. They’ll surprise you with their strange postures. For example, meditation pose with paws stretched forward.

Cat Scottish Fold

Scottish Folds: reviews

Review on of Scottish Fold cat Lyowa written by Yarmolyuk Tatiana: “Hello! Often, reviewing feedback on pets I think, “Well, I have something to write too.” And I will tell about my plushy wonder – cat Lyowa. Its character is just wonderful! Besides being intelligent and inquisitive he is also independent. He washes several times a day, constantly cleans its fur, uses litter box and sharpens its claws every day. Also, he just loves eating and sleeping! And he knows how to look at me to make me do for him everything! My cat is wonderful”!

Review on of Scottish Fold kitten, written by Annie Ganiukov: “We had a British cat before but after divorce the cat was left with my former husband. I wanted to take British cat again but visiting one exhibition fell in love with red Scottish Fold kitten. This little cat is different from the British: it almost never meows, is very independent: from the first day it slept alone, didn’t weep, quickly learned to use litter box; he’s also soft and is easy to get in touch with. But in feeding this cat is very demanding!”

Scottish Fold

Review on of Scottish Fold cat breed, written by Ms. Galina: “Good day! First of all I would say that it is difficult to recommend or not to recommend certain breed because everything depends on the cat’s parents and breeding. So my review is just a review. I bought my cat when it was a kitten, couldn’t think of name for the cat and set my choice on Jessie.

Well, my Jessie likes walking after me, dislikes being on hands for a long time, it is neither good nor just not very active. We feed our cat with Akana food because this one is the best. Cat is intelligent always knowing what we want from it. It uses the litter box, sharpens its claws only on a scratching post, but not on furniture. The is cat neutered. Its favorite game is chasing sunbeams from a mirror. In general, my Jessie is a wonderful companion))”.

Scottish Fold kitten

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