British cat

The character of British cats

Representatives of the British shorthair breed have friendly and gentle character. They can easily live in large families and get along with children and other animals in the house well. However to take such cats as children’s toys is not good because like any abused cat (and in such way small children behave without even realizing it) they would fight back. Generally British cats choose one family member and spend with him most of their time, even just walking with him from room to room.

For many fans of British cats it is ideal: in addition to the good look and good character, they are also endowed with incredible plush fur which in certain colors looks as from a fairy tale. Thanks to all these features British cats are extremely popular.

Unlike the Scottish Fold whose character is more friendly, the British seem to bear solitude well, and, therefore, suit those people who most of their time is at work. At the same time these cats are not hyperactive so all your vases and curtains will be all right. It is not necessary to teach them: their witty mind allows them to understand everything.

British cat

British cats: owners reviews

Review of British shorthair cat, of Ms. Anastasia. “Good day! Today I’ll talk about our cat, marmoreal Maggie Briton. It’s not one of those which sleep all day long in the sun or in the shade; on the contrary, it can walk all day around an apartment examining its territory. I think the cat considers itself a mistress and us as its servants Although Maggie is not lazy, but also it’s not too active (dislikes fast running and jumping).

Review of the British shorthair cat, by Lesya Pentіlo. “Hi. Please Meet Masik! Of course Masik was for kitten now it’s an 8-pound giant! Its fur is purple, character – narcissistic! From this cat we do not expect affection and attention, the maximum it can give is rubbing upon your feet expressing its interest to you.

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