Ear Mites in cat

The ear mite (Otodectes cynotis) is the causative agent of a dangerous disease – otodektic otitis. It is quite a serious disease which in case of delayed treatment can become chronic. Otodektic otitis affects the inner surface of the cat’s ear causing an intolerable itch.

Considering this, nothing strange that most owners begin to suspect the cat’s ear mite only after a cat scratches its ear til it bleeds. Otodektic otitis can infect animal (not necessarily a cat and not necessarily from the cat) in several ways (e.g. through close contact with an infected animal or through infected care tools) so the problem of itch mites is very important. That is why today the site “Because cats” will speak about how to reveal and treat ear mite in cats.

Symptoms of ear mite in cats

The first symptom of ear mite infection is a constant anxiety when the cat shakes its head. The animal begins to feel severe itching, rubbs the ears upon everything around and constantly scratches its ear. Then the situation with ear itch is getting worse because through constant scratching cat causes the wounds in and around the ear and it begins to fester fester. If you don’t begin treatment of ear mites in time a complex form of otodektic otitis may develop: eardrum will burst and inflammation will go to the middle and inner ear.

Moreover if you won’t begin treatment even then, the inflammation may move to the meninges. Death threatens cat during this course. So if you have not noticed before and now you see that your cat is constantly suppressed, has a fever, walks like a drunk and bows its head check its ears. In case you see the same picture as in the photo immediately begin treating or show the animal to the vet as soon as possible.

Ear Mites in cat

Ear mite treatment for cats

Now there are a lot of medicines to cure the cat ear mite . These medicine can be generally divided into three types: ear drops; powders, sprays and ointments; injections are used in very severe cases (and it is difficult to say, which the best ear mite medicine for cats is). The process of treatment of ear mite is quite simple so everyone can cope with this ear itch at home. However in the case of “severe cases” it is better to show the animal to the vet.

So you should begin from cleaning the outer ear and ear canal from scabs and pus. You can use cotton swabs which should be -wet in the alcohol beforehand. In order to remove, dead skin better you can use a 2% solution of hydrogen peroxide. Only after cleaning the ear you can begin to apply the therapeutic medicine according to the instructions indicated on the pack or label. The frequency of the procedure should correspond the instructions of chosen remedy. The treatment lasts till full disappearance of symptoms of ear mite.

Ear mite in cats: video

Prevention of ear mite in cats

To prevent infection of ear mites you need to take good care of your pet. First of all it is necessary to prevent contact with other infected animals as well as to take care of grooming objects. Also do not allow your pet to contact with the street animals because they often suffer from ear itch.

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