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In the section “Caring for cats” we get help to you become a friend for your little darling! Here you can learn all about the caring for cats from feeding a kitten and finishing grooming adult cat. Also in this section you will find useful material, which, for example, can help you teach your kitten or cat to the toilet, or teach him some tricks.

Grass for cats: which they love, how to plant and grow it

Grass for cats

Why do cats eat grass?

Everyone who has ever seen how cats eat grass probably asked himself why cats do this. Why do cats eat grass? There are several reasons:

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Sedatives for cats

Sleeping cat

Not every cat easyly copes with stressful situations; for example when you need to take the cat to a veterinarian, to the country, or even to the exhibition. As a result of moving the cat can get scared and stressed and will be nervous for few more days. Obviously to help the animal in such case you will need sedatives for cats during transportation. Therefore we consider what kinds of them exist, which should and shouldn’t be used.

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Dental care: how to clean your cat’s teeth

Dental care for cat

Do I need to clean my cat’s teeth?

Like people all animals need dental care. However if people and wild animals can do it by themselves the home cats do not actually have the ability to do that. We all know how a terrible toothache is and how it affects us. The same situation is with our pets so it is important to take care of the cat’s teeth so they do not have the pathology of the dental system. Such emergency threatens not only the toothache but also a violation of the digestive process or inflammatory bowel disease (due to microbes from the mouth).

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