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In the section “Caring for cats” we get help to you become a friend for your little darling! Here you can learn all about the caring for cats from feeding a kitten and finishing grooming adult cat. Also in this section you will find useful material, which, for example, can help you teach your kitten or cat to the toilet, or teach him some tricks.

Cat Love Bites – Why Do They Do That?

Cat Love Bites

All cats love to bite. This is an obvious fact and if you are an experienced cat owner you either love a cat’s behavior or hate it. However, if you are a new cat owner you may be a bit freaked out the first time you experience cat love bites. You may be wondering if you are doing something wrong, that makes your cat bite. Why do cats give love bites? And how can you stop cat love bites from happening if you don’t like them? In our article we will answer these questions.

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Cat Hiccups – Why Is My Cat Hiccupping?

Cat Hiccups

Sometimes cat hiccups can be cute and even funny, especially when your little kitten is trying to purr or eat her snack, only to be repeatedly interrupted by light little cat hiccups. However, if the cat hiccups continue for a long period of time and don’t stop, you may start to worry about your cat friend. In this article we’ll talk about why do cats hiccup, and what to do if the hiccups don’t stop.

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Sensitive stomach cat food

Sensitive stomach cat food

With a huge variety of cat’s food sometimes it is hard to choose the best food for your cat. In this article we’ll review what the best food for cats with a sensitive stomach is. We hope you enjoy our complete guide to sensitive stomach cat food.

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Can cats eat yogurt

cat eats yogurt

Really, can cats eat yogurt? And if they even can, what about their health? You probably know that many cats are lactose intolerant, but if it’s right then why sometimes vets recommend yogurt for cats with digestive problems? And if many cats have lactose intolerant, then how can yogurt be useful for them? Does yogurt really contain nutrients that are good for cats as well as humans? Let’s find out.

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How to clean cats ears

How to clean cats ears

In this article we will help you to find an answer to the question about how to clean a cat’s ears. We will give you a complete guide to cat ear care, step by step, beginning from understanding their ear structure and finishing by the best tips on how to clean a cat’s ears naturally and safely.

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Can cats eat ham

Cat Eats Ham

We guess this is a really interesting question, about possibility of feeding your cat with ham. Really, do cats can eat ham? In this article we’ll try to find out answer on this question and describe main pros and cons of feeding your cat ham.

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Can cats eat cheese and how can you feed your pet

Cat and cheese

Can you give cheese to a cat?

You have got a pet at home and don’t know how to feed it? Then no wonder you are curious how to feed cats. Of course you can give cheese to your cat but only as delicacies. It means rare and in small quantities especially in case of salt cheese; such should be given no more than 1-2 times a week. Why you cannot give a lot of cheese to your cat? Because it may harm the animal stomach causing diarrhea and constipation. By the way, we have already told you how to treat diarrhea in cats.

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How to feed a kitten?


How much to feed a kitten depending on age

So you have got a little pet. Now the responsibility for it, his health and development is on your shoulders and that means it’s time to learn how to feed a kitten correctly; as well as the age when it is necessary to change the diet and in which way.

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Cat grooming at home

Grooming cats

Why do you need to cut cat’s fur?

Of course if you have a Sphynx the haircut is not necessary because there is no furs. However long-haired cats often need haircut due to the fact that they need constant grooming and when the owner simply does not have enough time for that the pet can be shaved. This prevents molting and formation of mats. To perform this procedure it is necessary to visit a special room or veterinary clinic but if you have no doubts in your own skills you can conduct a cat haircut at home.

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Everything about cat sterilization

sterilization of cats
What is the cat sterilization?

Speaking simply sterilization of cats is an artificial procedure that allows deprivation the animal of reproduction (i.e, produce offspring, give birth to kittens). There are three options of the sterilization procedure: oophorectomy, ovariogisteroektomy and tubal ligation. The easiest option is the third during which the veterinarian makes an incision in the side of the animal and bandages oviducts. However after such operation in cats the duration of heat increases and the aftereffects may appear.

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