Super premium food for cats

Benefits of super premium food

Unlike economy and premium cat food super premium food contains only quality ingredients. Furthermore the amount of the proteins is well balanced and the contents of the colouring agents and chemicals is brought to nothing. Therefore the benefits of super premium pet food are obvious; feeding them assures you that your pet gets all the nutrients it needs and at the same time nothings threatens its health (at least the food).

More about the variety of food classes and types, see the article “What you need to know to choose the best food for the cat.” And in this article the site “Because cats” tells you everything about cat food of super premium class including information about rating of wet and dry super premium food, veterinarians reviews on popular brands of food and the best super premium food for kittens.

Rating super premium food

We already know that as a regular cat food without risk to its health only super premium pet food or holistic food can be chosen. Their category meets the most natural food standards. However after deciding which class of food you’ll feed your pet there is still one more question – a which brand of super premium food to choose?

To help choosing the site “Because cats” will tell you which brands produce cat food of super premium class and will show their subjective rating based on content analysis, veterinarians and cat owners reviews, as well as will publish reviews of veterinarians and cat owners about popular super premium food.

Dry super premium pet food

The super premium class includes the following brands of cat food: 1st Choice (made in Canada), Bosch SANABELLE (made in Germany), Arden Grange (made in Britain), ProNature Holistic (made in Canada), Profine Adult Cat (made in France), Cimiao (made in Italy). The country-producer we have noted not without reason. The fact is that many manufacturers are establishing their own food production in Russia or Third World countries which leads to a reduction in the quality of food. Therefore the site “Because cats” recommends that you always pay attention to the country-producer.

Note that Royal Canin and Hills often referred to super premium rate but this statement applies only to their treatment lines. Daily food Royal Canin and Hills are less qualitative and it is fair to refer them to premium food. Furthermore, their recently established production in Russia assured many veterinarians and cat owners in deterioration of the quality of the food.

Rating super premium dry food

  • Arden Grange;
  • Bosch SANABELLE;
  • ProNature Holistic;
  • Profine Adult Cat;
  • Cimiao.

Reviews of super premium dry food

Feedback on 1st Choice sent by Kateryna, a regular reader of the site “Because cats”.

Good afternoon! For a long time I have been feeding my cat with 1st Choice. My first choice was Royal Canin, but due to it my cat somehow had greasy fur. Also when I was looking for the reason I found a veterinarian’s article who wrote that a soybean was added into Royal Canin. So I decided to try something different. I chose the 1st Choice because of its tempting composition and accessible price (even cheaper than Royal of better quality). Also I liked the fact that this food is made in Canada (where they surely keep the standards). Approximately in a month after switching to the 1st Choice the cat’s fur became more puffy; and greasiness almost disappeared.

Feedback on ProNature Holistic sent by Oksana Semeniuk, the reader of our website.

Hello! I want to write a few words about the ProNature Holistic. At first time choosing food for a cat I have not read good reviews about ProNature but they turned out to refer the ordinary food. As for Holistic foods there were only positive reviews so I decided to try. I tried all kinds of Holistic ProNature dry food; my cat happily eats all of them.

Feedback on Arden Grange sent by a reader of the site “Because cats” Nadia Marenco. Half a year passed since I have castrated a cat. Immediately after castration I decided to introduce my cat a new food and chose among super-premiums, because I wanted something quality. I chose the Arden Grange Light (GF). At a time the cat eats one portion, as it doesn’t ask for more it is. In general this is high-quality and not expensive food. I recommend it, try it :-).

Super premium wet pet food

Almost all brands of super premium foods that have a range of dry food also have a line of wet food (something between a dry food and canned) and canned lines. Their ranking is almost identical rating to that of the super premium dry food for cats, and, therefore, will not be repeated. However, there is one nuance: all of the wet food of this class are very quality and useful for cats. They are even more useful than a dry food, except for the issue of the dental care for cats because in this context dry food will always be preferred due to its qualities.

Super premium foods for kittens

All manufacturers of super premium cat food also offer in their line a food for the kittens. Typically such food has the name “Food for kittens.” That is, if the food is Arden Grange, the food for the kittens will be named «Arden Grange – Kitten». Food for kittens of 1st Choice brand is called “1st Choice Kitten», of the brand Bosch Sanabelle – «Bosch Sanabelle Kitten», and so on. D. Rating of this food is almost the same as the rating of super premium dry food for cats.

Reviews of super premium pet food for kittens

Feedback on Sanabel Kitten Bosch, of Tatiana, the breeder of Devon Rex cat breed.

I feed all my three cats exclusively with Bosch Sanabel, and, therefore, choose the food for kittens also of this brand. Already more than a dozen kittens grew with food Sanabel Kitten and, therefore, I advise this food to my customers. Quality of this food is proved, at least, by the fact, that we regularly examine our kittens in veterinarian and all tests show their excellent health. So I recommend everyone who reads my review to choose Bosch Sanabel Kitten for a kitten under the age of one year old.

Feedback on 1st Choice kitten food (New 1st Choice Kitten Growth Formula), , Mrs. Julia writes us.

Not so long ago in our family a nice little kitten of British breed appeared. At first we feed it with natural food (since the kitten was just three months), but eventually there was a question of food choice. Firstly we chose Royal Canin but later regretted: the kitten began to have digestive problems and always had constipation. We wanted to go to the vet but a friend advised to try another food, 1st Choice. She has got a British cat for a long time and she feeds it with 1st Choice and there are no problems. I decided to try and bought dry food for kittens of 1st Choice; since that time digestion is normal. The conclusion is: it’s better to buy a little more super premium food rather than risk buying less quality food.

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