Acana food

Review on the cat’s food Acana

Acana is a popular brand of cat food (there is for dogs as well), produced by the Canadian company «Champion Petfoods». This food belongs to Holistic class and the high Canadian standards and strict control allowed Acana food to win more than one quality prize. This is not surprising because in food’s production only the highest quality ingredients are used.

Acana food for cats is chosen by those owners who are serious about the health of their pets. The high popularity of this food is stipulated by the principles which the company «Champion Petfoods» keeps in producing Acana. The main principle is very simple: as cats are predators by nature their diet should consist 80% of meat. Vegetable protein is poorly absorbed by the cat’s body so is almost absent in Acana food. There is no an excess of carbohydrates which can cause digestive problems.

Of course, in addition to meat cats need other nutrients, vitamins, phyto-components, and so on. Therefore, food Acana contains a variety of vegetables and fruits. They are grown according to the highest standards, without the use of pesticides or other harmful chemicals. Also Acana food contains useful lactobacillus which helps to normalize the process of food’s digestion.

Pros and cons of Acana food

Benefits of this food are the following: it is well-balanced and healthy cat food. Thanks to it there is no need to add various kinds of animal vitamins or supplements to the cat’s food. In addition, this food doesn’t contain have any colouring agents colorants or chemical additives. This makes this food really natural. The Acana disadvantage is only one – a small range. In general Holistic food doesn’t have any disadvantages.

Reviews about Acana cat food

Ms. Svetlana writes, “When I was a housewife there was no problem with feeding the cat, most of the day I spent at home so I could always cook something for my cat. Although in most cases it just ate what we did. However with the new work my free time reduced significantly and we needed to pour some food into a bowl in the morning, so that the cat could eat whenever it wanted during the day. At first I thought to buy some Whiskas (advertising on TV is convincing) but, fortunately, read an article about the classes and cat food, and realized that feeding with such food is an animal abuse. I decided to take the best and chose from holistic food. I took Acana the first, it is necessary to start from somewhere. Already after few months the cat eats willingly and there are no digestive problems since that time. This is a high-quality food. I see no reason to change it to something else.

Catherine Yarmolyuk writes: “ At first I fed my Persian cat with Royal Canin for Persian kittens but soon my little pet started sneezing and its nose was wet. I decided to change to a higher quality food. I chose Acana due to its composition: there were no harmful colouring agents and preservatives. At the beginning the cat ate not as willingly as Royal Canin, but as far as I understand, this is due to the absence of any artificial flavorings and fragrances. After a week the cat was used to and the problem with sneezing and nose disappeared as well. So it is better to choose a high-quality food at once and not try something cheaper.

Conclusions about Acana food

Almost all of the reviews on various forums and other sites indicate that in most cases eating Acana food cats look beautiful and have an excellent health. However, sometimes there are negative reviews about the Acana food. Although there is nothing strange: the choice of food is an individual matter so even the best food may not be suitable for your pet. So actually there is no brand of food that would fit perfectly to every cat in the world.

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