Cat food ProPlan
Overview of ProPlan cat food

ProPlan is a cat food of premium class which has a well-balanced composition. It is important to note that the range of veterinary ProPlan is often referred to a super premium food, as it has better quality than usual. Also an important fact is that there are two more cat food items under the brand Purina: Purina Cat Chow and Purina ONE. The first food is of an economy class, and the second one is a more proper. So do not be confused.

ProPlan cat food contains 40% of the protein that is fully suitable for healthy animals. However with this indicator everything is not as good as it may appear: a large amount of this indicator are vegetable proteins (soybean flour, corn gluten), which are not desirable for cat food. Moreover the corn is used for its cheapness but that it is the most harmful to the cat (in many animals it can cause hair loss and various allergic reactions).

Also in the Purina ProPlan cat food there is a real chicken meat (even with duck or salmon flavor) which of course is a plus. But there are quite questionable components in ProPlan food: animal fat and liver. It seems okay, but an excess of liver is bad for the cat and manufacturer does not specify the source of “animal fat”.

Among cereals in ProPlan food there are the compositions suitable for cats (like rice) and strong allergens (wheat flour). Furthermore, in some cases, the food of Purina ProPlan has cellulose powder which can also cause allergic reactions in cats. In the end, it should be noted that this food contains the enzymes useful for the cats, and generally belonging to super premium food class.

Pros and cons of ProPlan food

To summarize the pros of ProPlan food we should mention a wide range, fairly good medical line, the presence of real meat in the composition, reasonable prices, the presence of enzymes and general balance of the food; the ProPlan cons are: – a large number of vegetable proteins, the presence of corn and soybeans, the presence of allergens, questionable quality and usefulness of some ingredients. We have learned the advantages and disadvantages of the food; let’s take a look at reviews of Purina ProPlan from cats and dogs owners.

Feedback on Pro Plan, written by, Mrs. Elena, the reader of our website. “We feed our cat with this food almost half a year. At first everything was fine, but eventually the cat began to eat less and showed less activity. Finally the cat almost stopped eating and was lying all day long. We took it to the vet. The vet made an injection for the cat and gave a dropper. The vet said that the reason was in the food – the food was too fat and liver didn’t cope. He also said that the food often caused visits to him and even the best food caused problems. That is, the reason is not only in the food but in individuality of our cat”.

Feedback on the ProPlan by Burlak Karina. “I have been feeding my pet with food for neutered cats more than a year. ProPlan was recommended in the clinic. There are no digestive and stool problems so far. Though sometimes there are some digestive problems because of another reason – the fur”.

Conclusions on the ProPlan food

On the basis of the composition of ProPlan cat food we can conclude that it has both useful and quite harmful ingredients. Therefore, if possible choose the food of super premium (1st Choice, Bosch SANABELLE) or Holistic (Acana, Eagle Pack Cat Holistic, NOW Natural holistic) class. However if such food is too expensive Purina ProPlan is a good option. If you chose this food our site “Because cat” recommends that after several weeks of feeding the cat you check your pet in a veterinarian. If it is okay the food is safe and suitable for your cat.

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