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    Maine Coon Description

    Maine Coon is a real American pride. They are incredible cats with a perfectly built body, bobcat ears, and long beautifully twisted tail. They are purely natural breed with no sign of human interference, remaining the same as their ancestors. Maine Coons beauty cannot leave you indifferent, and resist a temptation to own such a pet is just impossible.

    Maine Coon cats are true natives of North America, state Maine. Due to severe winters they are dressed in thick fur and have a long bushy tail, which warms them even in most ferocious frosts. In the wild environment with huge snowdrifts they developed strong wide paws with a fur between the claws, which made them perfect “snow walkers”.

    Maine Coon origins

    There are several legends about the origin of Maine Coon breed. One of the most unbelievable has it that these animals descended from wild raccoons (as their original name, Coon, reveals). The view is based on common colour of their fur and specific predatory look. Another, more romantic story, has it that Maine Coon breed originated from the cats brought by Marie Antoinette who during the French Revolution tried to escape to America grasping her six cats with her. The third, even more unbelievable myth tells about Captain Coon who owned cats at his ship. When anchored, he would let them to the shore, thus leaving pretty Main Coon kittens everywhere he travelled.

    Today the most popular version of Maine Coons origin is the pairing of American short-haired domestic cats with the foreign long-haired breeds, most likely brought to the continent by sailors or Vikings. The first reference about the breed is found in 1861. It is known, at that time Maine Coon cats took part in the first exhibitions in North East, USA, however after Persian cats appeared in 1900, Maine Coons lost their popularity.

    Maine Coon

    They were forgotten almost for half a century until in 1963 in the US the Maine Coon Central Club appeared. The breed renewed its status, and already in few years the Main Coon Breeders Association was established. In fifteen years it had more than 1000 cats’ fans and owned more than 200 breeding catteries It is worth noticing that officially it was only in 1976 when Maine Coons were accepted to exhibitions, in almost a year after their actual participation in exhibitions.

    For a long time Maine Coons were considered the biggest domestic cats in the world. It is not surprising when taking into account their weight of 10 kg (males) and 5-7 kg (females). The weigh of some though reaches up to 15 kg. Long thick fur, strong body and wild appearance grant them with power and true predator look.

    Maine Coon

    Maine Coon Breed standards according to WCF

      • their size varies from big to very big. The body is muscular, elongated, and rectangular. The neck is middle-sized and the chest is broad;
      • limbs are of middle-length, strong and brawny. The paws are big, rounded, with fur knots between the claws;
      • long, furry tail is wide at the beginning and converging at the end;
      • the massive big head has strait sharpened features, nose is middle-length, the chin is solid and strong;
      • the big ears with sharpened ends are wide at the base and almost vertical located at one-ear distance between them; there are furry knots stirring out;
      • fur is short on the head and shoulders, but long around the neck, along the spine, sides and belly. They have thick undercoat;
      • all colours are accepted, except chocolate, cinnamon, purple, and their combinations (tabby, bi- and tricolor).

      Main Coons photos

      Main Coon character

      Main Coons are joyful yet calm cats, and unlike other breeds they don’t have the ambition to establish their advantage. At first site it may seem that Main Coons are indifferent to people, but it’s not true. It takes a long time for them to trust humans, but once that happens, they become faithful and dedicated.

      Main Coons are the cats who prefer to chill out next to the owner, not on his knees. Also this breed gets along with other pets well, including dogs. Among other advantages are their special high voice and an odd habit to rise on their back paws as if to gain better view.

      Main Coons are easily trained to walk on a leash, and also they don’t have water phobia. Moreover, some owners note their pets even enjoy showering together. Distinctive is their habit of shoveling water before drinking. It is considered that this way is inherited from the wild ancestors who were tidying up water basins.

      Main Coons photos

      Main Coons grooming

      Though Main Coons have long and silky fur, and it isn’t as tangled as Persians’, it doesn’t mean you can forget about its regular grooming. Brush your pet 2-3 times a week, and do it more often during moulting (in spring). And of course, remember to bath your cat and cut her claws when needed.

      Doubt how to feed Main Coons? We recommend exclusively super-premium or holistic cat food, like Acana, Gina, Josera, Go Natural, 1st choice. And if you decide to take a pet, go to how to feed Main Coon kittens section.

      Main Coon disorders

      Generally, Maine Coon is a healthy breed, however, may suffer from some typical cats diseases, for example, from the hereditary hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, or spinal muscular atrophy. The consequence of the former is usually lethal outcome; the latter shortens cat’s life. Fortunately, these disorders are rare. Quite the reverse, typical fleas or ringworm, or even worms are frequent cases. To learn how to treat them, please visit Cats treatment section.

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