American Curl

In 1981 in California, USA there was found a cat with very strange ears that are twisted back. Cat breeders have taken the cat; she became pregnant and soon gave birth to two kittens that inherited the ears form the mother. The breeders started to work on those kittens to produce a new breed and soon American feline organizations began to recognize these cats a separate breed which in the end was named the American Curl.

Officially the cat breed of American Curl was registered in CFA in 1986 and in 1993 those cats were already given the right to obtain titles. And the American Curl became the first cat breed that got the opportunity to win titles regardless the fur length (both shorthaired and longhaired Curls are entitled to receive titles).

During the selection work a lot of colours of the American Curl appeared but the breed has become famous thanks to unusually twisted ears that give a cats muzzle a surprised expression. Besides shorthair Curls have an incredible glossy fur and longhaired may boast very luxurious fur.

American Curl

Not taking into account its short history the breed American Curl has already become international and has spread over the Europe, Japan, Australia and Asia. However the biggest fame these cats received in their homeland – North America.

Immediately after birth American Curl kittens have straight ears but after two or seven days they begin to twist back. Moreover during the first six weeks the ears can really twist backwards but then they will straighten and acquire their final shape. Typically this occurs when the kitten is four months old.

American Curl

It is in this age when the breeders determine the quality of the cats breed because apart from the general compliance with the standard American Curls are divided into three groups according to the extent of ear twist. The first group is called the pet, the second – a ford (used for breeding) and the third got the name show (takes part in exhibitions). Note that in the group show the ear twist has a half moon shap and the curve is smooth and without sharp changes in direction.

American Curl

In contrast to common cat’s ears that are quite soft to the touch the ears of the American Curl are more elastic like humans, at least 1/3 of the length of the ear and in most cases up to 2/3 height of the ear. Above these indicators ears soften. Regarding the general height of the ears the breed standard says about the “moderately large ears, broad and open near the base” – such were the first American Curl ears.

“American Curl is a cat breed with a strong body of medium size and rectangular shape. Limbs are straight and musculature is moderately developed. The head is wedge-shaped without right angles. Eyes are moderately large, ellipse shaped and located in the middle between the top of the nose and ears basis. The eye colour is various and doesn’t depend of the colour of the fur. Ears are set high and twisted back at an angle of not less than 90 degrees. The fur is short or semi-long”, these are standards descriptions of the American Curl.

American Curls character

American Curl cats can boast not only an unusual form of the ears but also other qualities thanks to which they become wonderful pets. These cats are very gentle, not too demanding, they like being stroked and held on arms. But this does not mean that they are passive or lazy, on the contrary, you would think that all their life they are playful and curious kittens.

Videos about American Curl cats

American Curl requires a lot of love and attention from man so it is better not to have those cats when you stay rarely at home. Also this cat breed get along with children, other cats and even dogs well, if they are friendly. Also American Curl cats possess melodious voice but do not use it very often.

American Curl care

When it comes to American Curl shorthair the care needed is minimal, it is enough to comb your cat every few weeks and sometimes bath. As for the long-haired American Curl cats they have an undercoat and therefore require more frequent brushing: twice a week is enough and three times a week during the moulting period. In other issues this breed is not whimsical.

American Curls diseases

Unlike the Scottish lop-eared cats a gene responsible for a form of the ear in American Curl does not cause any negative effects. So the breed doesn’t have genetic diseases. However sometimes cats of Curl breed can fall ill, and if it happened you can read how to treat one or another disease in the “Cats treatment”.