American Bobtail

The American Bobtail

The American Bobtail cat breed is one of quite popular and numerical shorttails pets. Because of its amazing and unusual form the Bobtail cat quickly won the hearts of housewives and other animal lovers around the world. Now officially recognized there are several kinds of the American Bobtail (Kuril, Japanese and so on) and the American representative is among them.

The American Bobtail originated from South America in 60-ies of the last century. Resting near the Indian reservation Sanders found an unusual kitten. Unlike other cats the kitten had a very short and curved “rabbit-like” tail. Sanders took their godsend home and named it Yode. When the kitten grew up and turned into an adult cat he got mated with Siamese cat Misha. Among their kids there was one kitten with a short tail, like his father’s. This kitten was the beginning of the American Bobtail breed.

However there is an alternative version of the origin of the American Bobtail: it is assumed that this breed was produced as a result of random mutations while breeding the redgolds. This version also allows that probable relatives of the American Bobtail can be trot and the Japanese Bobtail. But in any case regardless the version it’s fair to say that more than one breed of cats was involved in formation of the American Bobtail. The official recognition of this cat breed took place only in 1989.

American Bobtail

As other members of the family, a short tail of the American Bobtail is predetermined by a genetic mutation. However unlike the Japanese or shrubby relatives, Americans mutagen works as dominant. In addition, the tail of the American bobtail preserved its mobility; and in assessing cats the preference is given to individuals that do not have nodules and break-ins on the tail.

In our time the American Bobtail possesses a sufficiently long and thick fur although the first of the breed were shorthairs. Longhairs of the American bobtail is the result of cross-breeding with Persian and Himalayan cats. Not taking into account the length of the fur, the breed has a small height, muscular body and a short tail. Regarding the latter, it is often happens that the American Bobtail kittens are born without a tail. Note that the tailless Bobtail is not allowed participate in exhibitions.

You can often hear the name of Bob Snow; this is the same American Bobtail, but of the color of Alaskan lynx. Regarding the name C-bob – this breed is derived from the American bobtail by crossing it with with Siamese cats.

The American Bobtail is breed of cats with quite big and well-composed body of medium length. The limbs are of medium length, paws are round, and there is fur between the fingers. The head resembles the shape of a wedge. The chin is well marked, the cheekbones slightly protrude. Ears are of medium size, slightly tilted forward. The eyes are almond-shaped or round with big distance between them. The tail is long, 7 centimeters, fluffy and mobile. The fur is short in shorthairs and semi-long in longhairs. The latter has an undercoat,“- OES American standards describes cats.

American Bobtail

The character of the American Bobtail

The American Bobtails is very calm and composed. They have a gentle nature, are sensitive to the owner’s mood and love communication. These cats get along very well with other animals in the house but do not like being alone. Due to it you have to pay enough attention to your American Bobtail pet and do not leave him alone for a long time. So if you are not often at home it is better to choose other breeds.

Video of the American Bobtail cat breed

Not taking into account their quiet character, the American Bobtails love walking outdoors. These cats are easily accustomed to leash, so they can be walked out like dogs. Besides this type of Bobtails easily submits to training. Therefore, if you have enough time to walk and play with your cat, – with confidence you can choose the American bobtail as a pet.

The American Bobtail grooming

American Bobtail cat breed is not difficult to take care for. You may just comb Longhair Bobtails at least once a week and shorthairs, even less frequently. As for food, you may apply general guidelines for the choice of food for cats, or find out how to feed a kitten of the American Bobtail if you have purchased a small pet. Also you can make a house for the cat by yourself or buy it in the store.

Diseases of the American Bobtails

With proper nutrition the American Bobtail has a remarkable health. Also, these cats do not have hereditary genetic diseases. However, it can fall ill with some typical cat’s disease. How to treat one or another disease, such as worms in cats, ringworm in cats, eye diseases, or even how to exterminate fleas in cats, you may find in the section “Cats treatment” on site “Because cats”.

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