How much to feed a kitten depending on age

So you have got a little pet. Now the responsibility for it, his health and development is on your shoulders and that means it’s time to learn how to feed a kitten correctly; as well as the age when it is necessary to change the diet and in which way.

Kittens under three weeks should be fed only with breast milk. On the fourth week you can start giving a bit of cow’s milk previously diluted with water the ratio 2:3 (for example, 20 grams of water and 30 grams of milk). If the cat is not able to drink milk out of the bowl it is necessary to try to pour it into a bottle with a teat and give it to a kitten.

On the question of how to feed a one-month kitten there is an answer: after the kitten is one month old grated meat, preferably chicken or beef can be added to the diet. Also kittens of this age can begin to eat milk products such as yogurt, sour cream and cheese.

You can feed the 1.5-2 months old kitten with various food because your little darling already may eat on its own. At this age you can begin to give porridge of cereals and vegetables and it is worth to alternate them with meat. Note that new foods should be introduced gradually, alternating it without mixing.

You can feed the 4 months old kitten with cat food. First start with wet canned food and only later start adding dry food. Besides we recommend that at first dry food should be soaked in water so the kitten can chew it.

After the kitten reaches 6 months it can begin to start eating normal adult cat food as a six-month kitten is already a 80% adult cat, that is, he has already gained 4/5 of its final weight. But if the kitten is behind in development the transfer to ordinary food should be delayed; also you should visit a veterinarian who will advise how to feed the kitten so it is not behind in development.

How many times to feed the kitten

We already know how to feed a kitten, but not how many times a day to do it. So let’s find out how often to feed the kitten so it is not always hungry but doesn’t overeat.

  • The first 2 months you should feed a kitten 5-6 times a day because it is still small and cannot eat a lot at a time. Therefore such kitten should be fed little but often;
  • During a 3-4 months of kitten’s age you can feed it less, only 4 times a day;
  • After reaching a six-month age of your pet three meals per day will be enough;
  • After 8 months you should start to teach an almost adult kitten to eat 2 times a day.


The best kitten diet

So your kitten has reached 1.5 months. It already knows how to eat on its own and we already know how many times a day to feed, when and which products to introduce into the diet. Now take a look with what food you can feed the kittens and what the requirements for these products are.

  • The meat of any kind can be given to kitten only if there are no bones in it; and you must cook it. So at first it is better to grind meat or just buy the chicken.
  • Vegetables are an excellent source of vitamins. Vegetable can be given to kitten in any form but you should start with only boiled ones.
  • Fish can also be added to the diet of a kitten and remember, it should be boneless and be sure to boil or fry it well.
  • Once a week the kitten can be given a boiled egg yolk but only the yolk as a boiled egg protein is very poorly absorbed by the body of the animal.
  • Cottage cheese will be extremely useful for your kitten. It can be mixed with sour cream so it will be more delicious for the kitten. However don’t try too hard because it can cause stomach disorder for your little pet.
  • Unless the kitten reaches 8 months yogurt and milk should be present in its diet. But as it was mentioned above, at first cow’s milk should be diluted with water so that it is not too fat.

And remember it is the right diet that provides your small pet with a good health and normal development. We have already discussed what should be included into the diet of the kitten, now let’s look at how you cannot feed a kitten.

How you cannot feed the kittens

You cannot feed the kittens with

  • Oil and similar fat foods;
  • Raw fish and meat since they can have worms;
  • Sausages food;
  • Bones;
  • It is better not to feed pork to the kitten because it is not good for cats.

How to feed the kittens of different breeds

If you are looking for an answer to a question such as: how to feed the British kitten, the Scottish kitten, Maine Coon kitten, the answer will be simple: the above-mentioned recommendations are relevant for almost all breeds of cats so stick to them.

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