Siamese cat

Siamese cat description

A Siamese cat is a breed of small light cats with a long wedge-shaped head. Due to the special colors of the limbs which are not peculiar to any other breeds of cats Siamese cat is easy to distinguish. Also these cats are popular due to their, authentic nature because throughout their history they were not crossed with any other breed.

Siamese cat history

Thailand is a homeland of Siamese cats. In Thailand this breed was considered sacred, respected in temples and protected by law. The royal family used Siamese cat for some rituals. So it was forbidden to export these cats abroad. However with time it still came to Europe.

Siamese cats are often mentioned in Thai legends and tales. For example, one of them says that the cat of this breed always companied a Thai princess while she was swimming in the river. Before bathing the princess removed her rings and put them on the cat’s tail and the cat had to protect them while the princess was swimming. Once the cat lost an engagement ring and since that time the princess always tied knots at the top of the cat’s tail.

Speaking of knots, once in Thailand the presence of knots and kinks on the tail was considered a special feature of Siamese cat. It is now known that they were formed as a consequence of close relatives mating. Nowadays the presence of knots and kinks is considered a defect.

Siamese cat

Even now it the origin of Siamese cats is not known. Most likely this breed comes from the wild Bengal cats. The evidence is the fact that Siamese cats, same as wild Bengal cats, have pregnancy term of not less than 65 days. This is despite the fact that all other breeds have term pregnancy from 55 to 65 days.

In Europe the Siamese breed began to spread in the late 19th century when the British Counsil brought the first cats that were a gift from the King of Siam. To America and other countries this breed got a little later. Nowadays Siamese cats have about 40 species among which is monotone (black, purple, blue, cream, etc.).

Purebred Siamese cats have a short and thick glossy fur and refined body shape. At the same time the Siamese cats have rather powerful and muscular shoulders and hips.

The main feature of the Siamese breed is the color and the shape of the eye. The representatives of the breed almost always have bright blue (sometimes green) almond-shaped eyes. Another important feature of Siamese cats which we have already mentioned above is the coloring of their limbs and “mask” on their face. The explanation for such special skin coloring is in temperature fluctuations.

Siamese cat

Siamese cats standards

  • The breed is of medium size with a slim and muscular body. The neck is long and slender, shoulders and chest are hip-width apart.
  • The limbs are long and slender; the paws are oval and fine.
  • The tail is very long and thin; sharp at the top.
  • Wedge-shaped head with long and straight nose and flat forehead. The face is narrow with a well-aligned chin.
  • The eyes are almond-shaped, of intensely blue or green colour.
  • The ears are very large, broad at the base and sharpened at the tops.
  • The fur is short and tight, shiny and silky and without undercoat.

Siamese cats personality

Siamese cats are considered to be among the most intelligent and curious cats. This breed is quite unpredictable and can be jealousy. Siamese cats love being constantly in the company of the owner and, therefore, will try to follow him everywhere. This breed responds well to training and so if you have patience the cat can be taught various tricks.

Siamese cats are playful, tender and loyal. They require constant attention from the owner so if you cannot devote enough time to your pet choose some other breeds. The same advice is for those who love peace and tranquility at home because Siamese cats are very energetic. Some owners even say that these cats behave more like a dog than a cat.

Siamese cat

Also Siamese cats like “talking” to people, so if you’re nervous about the loud voice of these animals, again, choose another breed. Siamese cats are definitely not suitable for all. But if you are looking for a loving pet which will always attract your attention by its active lifestyle then this breed is just for you.

Video of the Siamese cats

Caring for Siamese cat

Siamese cats have short hair so they need minimum care. In this case instead of a comb you can use your hand just wet it with water and brush your pet. All fur which comes out will remain in your hand. In addition, you’ll need to bath Siamese cat regularly and brush its teeth and ears. For these procedures it is better to tame your pet as soon as possible because this breed has a natural predisposition to dental problems.

How to feed Siamese cats

It is recommended to feed Siamese cats only with the best food, super premium or holistic. Such food is well balanced according the needs of the cat’s body.

Siamese cats diseases

The representatives of this breed in general are healthy cats and with a good care often live up to 20 years. However like in most cats breeds some species are prone to genetic diseases, namely hereditary amyloidosis of the liver (which may lead to liver failure), cardiomyopathy (enlargement of the heart muscle in cats) and formations of malignant tumors in breast.

Fortunately these are rare cases, the same as tartar, gingivitis and other dental diseases. Even more rarely Siamese cats may have “Siamese squint.” All other usual cat diseases, such as ringworm, fleas, worms, etc. can be treated individually and in “The treatment of cats” of the site “Because Cats” there is a detailed description how to do it.

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