Sleeping cat

Not every cat easyly copes with stressful situations; for example when you need to take the cat to a veterinarian, to the country, or even to the exhibition. As a result of moving the cat can get scared and stressed and will be nervous for few more days. Obviously to help the animal in such case you will need sedatives for cats during transportation. Therefore we consider what kinds of them exist, which should and shouldn’t be used.

Sedatives for cats at home

There are two means which may be present at home and influence the cats and dogs as a sedative. However the real outcome of their effect differs from that which can be observed in animal behavior after their applying. Let us find out why this is so.

Valerian for cats is not a sedative, but a drug!

If for humans valerian is a sedative for the cats it is a real drug. The matter is that the active ingredient of valerian therapeutic (the medical name of valerian) is similar to pheromones of cats in heat. Because of this valerian influences cats more like “Viagra” and not as a sedative. Besides, after the first time the cat becomes addicted to valerian. The conclusion is simple: valerian should never be given to cats!

Catnip – a weak version of valerian

It is often said that catnip is a good sedative for cats. But in reality it is not because it affects the animal in the same way as valerian, just less. In fact catnip has no effect on the cat as a sedative, just changes its behavior.

Sedatives for cats

So we will not use the “folk methods” for cats as sedatives. Another thing is medical sedatives. These sedatives tablets or droplets will help during cat’s transportation and when the cat is in heat or aggressive. So let’s look at the popular and, what is more important, effective sedatives for cats.

Sedatives drops and tablets for cats

“Fitex” for cats is available in the form of drops. If you are looking for a sedative for cats during travel this means suits perfectly. It contains motherwort, valerian and hops, such combination helps to normalize heart function and removes cat’s fear so it would be easier to transport.

“Stop-stress” for cats is available in the form of droplets and tablets. This sedative for cats normalizes the work of brains (reducing the activity of the cells of excitement). “Stop-stress” is strong enough but it does not cause addiction.

Sleeping cat

Hormonal sedatives for cats and dogs

The “Sex-barrier” for cats is a hormonal drug that is why it is not recommended to use it without veterinarian’s recommendation. This sedative allows cats to facilitate natural instincts. (To get rid of the natural sexual instincts the animal can be sterilized).

Sleeping pills for cats (tranquilizers)

If sedatives for cats don’t help during cat’s transporting you can do it when the animal sleeps. But giving sleeping pills (tranquilizers) is recommended only on the advice of a veterinarian or, even better, let the doctor make an injection, in especially severe cases you can take the risk. Of course if you follow the measures and are able to give injections the risk is practically absent.

Tips for using sedatives

Sedatives for cats and dogs are the only method of eliminating the consequences and not the reasons. So they are not a solution in such cases as aggression to new animal in the house or the fear of strangers (your guests). In such cases you should try to train your pet. And finally here few tips:

  • In no way do not overuse sedatives for cats, because in some cases it can lead animal to the drug addiction and also cause health problems;
  • If after the sedative the animal begins vomiting or gets extremely sleepy or has other undesirable effect then some of the drug components affected cat’s body in non-typical way, so the use of the following sedatives is better to be discussed with a veterinarian.

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