Grooming cats

Why do you need to cut cat’s fur?

Of course if you have a Sphynx the haircut is not necessary because there is no furs. However long-haired cats often need haircut due to the fact that they need constant grooming and when the owner simply does not have enough time for that the pet can be shaved. This prevents molting and formation of mats. To perform this procedure it is necessary to visit a special room or veterinary clinic but if you have no doubts in your own skills you can conduct a cat haircut at home.

Your cat needs shaving to ease fur grooming and to make model haircuts for exhibitions.

Scissors for cat’s haircut can be ordinary. The advantage of this is the absence of noise and the animal is calm. However if the cat moves sharply scissors can injure. The hairclipper is a more secure and convenient but also creates noise, so this method is not suitable for unusually fearful cats (although a mechanical clipper doesn’t create noise).

How often a haircut for cat should be done?

Depends on the breed but in average feline fur grows in 3-6 months. In general it is not recommended to do a haircut but it is recommended to take care for them.

Haircut a cat at home is not so simple at least by yourself, you need an assistant. With comfort for the pet you should do a haircut on a table, the cat must be placed so that it cannot not move. To do this your assistant will need to take its front legs in one hand, hind legs to the other and put it on the side. At the same time be prepared for the fact that when you turn on the machine and touch the body with it your pet will become aggressive and will start to hiss and try to escape.

Grooming cats

Begin to cut hair from the cat’s back, sides and belly. Be especially careful when cutting the fur around sensitive areas (nipples, genitals, armpits). Depending on the haircut you may need to cut cat’s head (although this is not recommended); then the cat can be wrapped in a blanket so it will resist less. By the way it is better to leave the hair at the top of the tail otherwise the cat may not recognize it after the haircut.

Tips on cat haircut:

  • when cutting pulls the skin to prevent injury;
  • cut mats with the scissors, it is better not to cut the head;
  • you can gently cut both for and against the direction of hair fur growth.

After a haircut a cat needs bathing or can be wiped with a damp towel.