Grass for cats

Why do cats eat grass?

Everyone who has ever seen how cats eat grass probably asked himself why cats do this. Why do cats eat grass? There are several reasons:

Cats eat grass to provoke vomiting. By vomiting animal cleanses the stomach from the remnants of undigested food, wool and other excesses. The fur falls into the stomach when the cat washes itself. Cats eat grass to replenish vitamins. Scientists reached such conclusion watching the animals sitting on the grass and biting, chewing and spitting the tops of the blades of grass. In the first case the cats eat grass and in the second they just chew it and spit out.

What kind of grass cats like

In fact cats can eat any grass even harmful or noxious. So when you choose the grass for the cat the best is to take wheat, oats or barley. Although it is not exactly the grass but when the grain crops begin to grow they are the grass: green, lush and probably delicious because cats willingly bite them. Besides they can be easily grown in apartment.

Grass for cats

Growing cat grass

First of all let us note that you should not take the grass from the street. This grass may contain not only different chemicals but also larvas of different parasites. So there is a risk that you’ll have to treat the cat from fleas or worms. It is best to buy the seeds in the store and grow grass for the cat by yourself then you’re a hundred percent sure in its safety and benefit for your pets.

Grass for cats: instructions on how to plant and grow grass in the soil and without soil. For the first option we need:

  • seeds (they are sold in bags at a pet store);
  • soil (this can be a regular black soil from the garden, or a light soil bought at a flower shop);
  • a vessel for growth (pot, soup plate, etc.);
  • a common plastic bag (to cover the soil and create the greenhouse effect).

So we pour the soil into the container for couching but leave some space at the top for seeds and a thin layer of soil. Seeds have to soak in water for an hour, afterwards we pour them out onto the previously prepared soil. On the surface sprinkle a thin layer of soil (2-3 cm). Water planted grass and cover the vessel with plastic wrap container. It is done in order to accelerate seed germination. In a few days sprouts will appear and the plastic wrap container may be removed.

How to grow grass for cats without soil? It is very simple: take two plastic plates and in one of them make a hole (so water can drain off). Plate with hole put in the whole plate. Put a layer of cotton wool on the bottom, water, pour the grain and cover the top with gauze. Water again, and “pack” plates in a plastic bag. When the grain sprouts remove the bag. Such process will protect you from the soil scattered around the apartment (in the process of eating the grass cats are not particularly accurate and can pull up a blade of grass with roots).

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