Cat and cheese

Can you give cheese to a cat?

You have got a pet at home and don’t know how to feed it? Then no wonder you are curious how to feed cats. Of course you can give cheese to your cat but only as delicacies. It means rare and in small quantities especially in case of salt cheese; such should be given no more than 1-2 times a week. Why you cannot give a lot of cheese to your cat? Because it may harm the animal stomach causing diarrhea and constipation. By the way, we have already told you how to treat diarrhea in cats.

How you should feed a cat

Every cat owner experienced a situation when his cat comes during the meals and asks for food. How can you bear that sweet look! That’s why sometimes the meal is shared with a cat. However in this case you should know which food can be given to cats. In the list below there are items which won’t harm cats in any case (at least if the foodstuffs are fresh and well-prepared).

Among homemade food you can give to a cat are:

  • meat (boiled, smoked, baked), only as a delicacies;
  • boiled eggs as a protein source;
  • fish, (well fried and in small quantities);
  • cereals;
  • fruits and vegetables.

What you cannot give to cats

Foodstuffs listed below are not recommended for feeding cats, no matter if you’ve got Maine Coon, Toyger, Scottish Fold or a stray cat taken from the street. Remember what kind of food shouldn’t be given to cats and why.
– raw fish; it can cause allergy reaction and helminthes infection (we have already described how to exterminate worms in cats);
– potato; the food not recommended for cats as is ill-digested by cat’s stomach;
– sausages; in fact is bad for cats as besides meat also contains lots of fats, salt and other not advisable components;
– pork; the meat is not recommended having less benefit for cats;
– sweets; is also not desirable for cats.

Cat Food

The alternative feeding can be cat food. Can you give dry food to your cat? Of course you can, but bear in mind that not all of them are useful and some are really harmful for cats’ health. For example, economy class food like Whiskas and Kitty Cat is awful while super premium cat food can be an adequate feeding. That’s why before feeding your fluffy pet with cat food look through the following articles:

“Cat food classes” (kinds of cat foods, rating and feedback);
“How to feed the kitten” (depending on its age);
“Cat food for neutered and spayed cats”;
Quality cat food Now Fresh, Trainer, Applaws, 1st Choice.

Thus, to summarize the dilemma “to give or not to give a cat certain food” the following can be said:
– can the cat eat raw fish? – No.
– can you feed the cat with raw meat? – No.
– can you give raw liver to cats? – No.
– can you give cheese to cats? – Yes, but in small quantities.

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